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●  Completely painless procedures
●  Conscious sedation
●  Computer Controlled System The WAND
●  All dentists have completed special training and routinely use the Atraumatic Technique for local anaesthesia in dentistry
●  Extra care for children

Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation, produced by the administration of certain medications, is an altered level of consciousness that still allows a patient to respond to physical stimulation and verbal commands, and to maintain an unassisted airway. The patient is in a state of relaxation and absolute pain relief. The patient does not remember the procedure. The patient is very calm, he does not feel any fear, his movements are very slow, he is very relaxed. After the procedure is over, the patient can go home after some time, but he is not allowed to drive, make critical decisions, or engage in tasks which require a high level of concentration or fine motor skills.

Indications for sedation

●  great fear
●  discomfort
●  claustrophobia
●  strong vomitting reflex
●  long procedures

Painless anaesthetization

You really don't need to be afraid of the dentist anymore! All our patients are treated completely without pain. The dentist, who carries out a given procedure, selects for each patient individually, the type and dose of anaesthesia and the kind of administration of the anaesthetic. Our clinic is equipped with the most modern devices, when it comes to dental anaesthesia, among others: Computer Controlled Local Anaesthesia Delivery System (The WAND), conventional system with the carpula Plura-Jet, intraosseous X-Tip, intraligamentous Cito-Jet, highpressure Injex system. All dentists have completed a specialistic training for the Atraumatic Technique for local anaesthesia in dentistry. Thanks to this, our patients can forget the pain during the administration of anaesthesia and the procedure itself.

The newest anaesthetic drugs

We use only the best local anaesthesia drugs from the American-German company 3M-ESPE for anaesthetizing. They are characterized by a high purity of the drug (no preservatives which are present in other anaesthetics) and connected with this high safety. This is especially important for high risk patients e.g. allergies, children and people with heart disease.

Anaesthetization of children

We pay special attention to our youngest patients. Thanks to the Computer Controlled Local Anaesthesia Delivery System - The Wand and the appropriate anaesthesia technique (among others: surface anaesthesia of the mucosa with a special gel) we are able to treat children completely painless. Without tears, pain and traumatic memories.