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Cosmetic dentistry

Dental tourism in Poland is a combination of attractive prices and the best quality of the procedures conducted. Indexmedica clinic hires one of the best specialists in the country, whose aim is to provide professional services and to meet aesthetic expectations of every patient. Amongst various procedures modern cosmetic dentistry has to offer, there is the most popular:

●  teeth whitening,
●  as well as gum correction,
●  ceramic crowns,
●  veneers or bridges,
●  as well as dental implants
●  and more.

Deciding on cosmetic dentistry treatment abroad, you can count on great prices and the same, or even higher quality of services, than in the UK. The most innovative solutions, state-of-the-art equipment and experienced, qualified dentists guarantee the highest safety and fantastic aesthetic result of every procedure.

Our team will make sure you smile will exceed all your expectations.

Teeth whitening

3 effective and safe methods, including Opalescence TresWhite Supreme®, Beyond® and conventional system with trays. The whole procedure takes just about 1 hour and removes any unaesthetic discolouration. After the procedure counteractions are taken as well to eliminate the discomfort for patients with hypersensitive teeth.


Full ceramic veneers, crowns, inlays and bridges

Wide range of prosthetic restorations with the use of traditional methods, as well as modern cosmetic dentistry solutions, designed to improve the aesthetic result. The patients can also choose the colour of the restoration to fit in with their natural teeth. The offer includes as well treating gnashing, clicks, aches etc.


Aesthetic white composite fillings

Professional conservative cosmetic dentistry abroad with the use of innovative composite materials (invisible in ultraviolet light) and techniques improving the achieved aesthetic and functional effect as well as minimising the time of treatment. Removal of old amalgam fillings is free of charge. In emergency situations patients can also get immediate help without earlier appointment.


Gum corrections

Comprehensive care for patients with diverse gum diseases and problems. The procedures include standard hygienic treatment, as well as advanced surgeries, such as:

●  crown lengthening,
●  guided bone regeneration,
●  mucosal grafts
●  and others.

The cosmetic dentistry treatment, available at attractive prices, is conducted abroad by trained dental hygienists.


Dental implants

Innovative treatment used to replace missing teeth in the most functional and aesthetic way. They are made of titanium, which grows into the bone, giving very stable support for the crown, which colour and appearance matches other, real teeth. The procedure is conducted under local anaesthesia by experienced specialist.