You are Your Visit Step by step

Step by step

STEP 1: Get your initial treatment plan for dentistry abroad

There are several ways in which you can find out the prices, time and details of your dental travel to Poland. The first thing is to visit the dentist’s office to get a professional consultation:

    ●  visit our UK consultation point in London, Leeds or Wakefield

They are available 7 days a week.

The consultation in Wakefield and Leeds costs £45 + £45 for the X-ray (total of £90), unless you had one done within the last 6 months. In London the cost of a check up is £69 + £57 for the panoramic X-ray = total of £126.

During the visit an X-ray (if needed) along with pictures of your wide smile will be taken, a routine check up will be conducted and a short conversation with the dentist, concerning your expectations towards the treatment, will take place.

To make an appointment fill in the online form or call us 0 800 33 45 967!

    ● go straight away to our clinic in Krakow (Poland) for your initial consultation and treatment

If you decide to visit our dentist abroad, in Krakow, the panoramic X-ray picture is not required and we will do it for you on site, free of charge. Also three packages have been prepared:

    ●  Standard (£0),
    ●  Premium (£49 for 1-night apartment) - NOW FREE!

Depending on the type of the treatment, it can be conducted immediately after the consultation.

    ●  send us a panoramic X-ray picture of your teeth or/and a copy of recent treatment plan from your/another dentist
    ●  send us a couple of pictures of your wide smile

Usually, the plan is prepared within 2-3 days. Please note that if you wish to receive a full comprehensive estimate before your dental travel to Poland, seeing your panoramic X-ray picture (OPG) is crucial.

STEP 2: Your dental holidays in Poland – the treatment time and prices

Flights – from £80-£120

There are numerous flights from London, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds-Bradford, Belfast and other UK cities, which allow you to get to Krakow in around 2 hours. The prices are very diverse, depending on the booking time and the date of your flight. The return tickets start from £80-£120.

Accommodation – from £40-£50 per night

You can choose from private, comfortable apartments or one of the hotels we cooperate with. The prices start from as low as £40-£50 per night.

We are currently running special offer for all our patients. Stay free of charge at one of our 4* design hotels for the duration of your treatment!

Sightseeing – dental tourism on your own or within guided tours

After or in-between the procedures, in the free time, you can go sightseeing on your own, or book a guided tour to one of the most interesting sites in and outside of the city.

We have also prepared special ‘Welcome pack’ which includes a mobile phone to allow you to stay in touch with us throughout your dental holidays in Poland.

The plan of visit

Every dental tourism schedule in Poland follows the same, comfortable routine:

    ●  book your flight or let us find the best available one for you,
    ●  discuss accommodation needs with your UK Personal Assistant,
    ●  come over to Krakow,
    ●  our English speaking taxi driver will be waiting for you at the airport,
    ●  get your treatment done,
    ●  enjoy your holiday – go sightseeing or relax in a SPA.

Depending on the difficulty and the treatment extensiveness, it can be conducted within 1-4 days.

STEP 3: Aftercare and follow-up treatment

When you choose dental tourism at Indexmedica in Poland you can count on comprehensive care in the UK after the treatment as well. Every patient is also presented with a special guarantee:

    ●  1 year – for relaxing/periodontal splints
    ●  2 years – for prosthetic restorations and radix posts, 3 year - for white composite fillings. Composite fillings which are located in the surroundings of the tooth cervix (neck) are covered by one year guarantee
    ●  Lifelong (for implant screw) – for Osstem/GCAadva//MiS/Nobel Biocare dental implants

To claim your guarantee you have to visit our dentist once a year whilst your guarantee is valid. You can visit Indexmedica Dental Clinic in Krakow for a check up (£79), Wakefield or Leeds Point, where the price of £90 (including consultation with the dentist and panoramic X-ray picture) will be charged. Flight tickets are not covered by Indexmedica.

Depending on the type of help you might need we offer you two solutions:

    ●  in the case of small adjustments and repairs, a dentist will see you at our Wakefield or Leeds practice,
    ●  in the unlikely event that you require more extensive work, Indexmedica will carry out the remedial work abroad, at the clinic in Krakow.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact your UK Personal Assistant at any time.