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Gum corrections

●  Removing of supra- and-sub gingival deposits
●  Curettage
●  Treating of gum (gingival) recession and bleeding gums
●  Periodontal surgery
●  Aesthetic gum correction

Patients who suffer from parodontopathy are provided with comprehensive care conducted by our specialists and specially trained dental hygienists. Beside the usual hygienic procedures (removing of supra- and sub-gingival deposits with an ultrasonic device) we carry out a full range of specialistic periodontal surgery procedures, like e.g. removing of gum (gingival) recession, mucosal grafts, Guided Bone Regeneration in case of bone atrophy and crown lengthening after injuries. Patients with gum disease will be trained in hygienic procedures which have been modified as regards parodontopathy.