You are Your Visit Dental tourism benefits

Dental tourism benefits

Low costs

Probably the biggest advantage of dental treatment in Poland. It’s no secret, that you can save a lot of money by choosing IndexMedica clinic – even after you include the costs of accommodation and flights. For instance, you can save up to £948 on a single tooth reconstruction with MiS implant or get your teeth whitened for half the UK price. The costs are even less significant if you treat the travel as your vacation time and enjoy the attractions of Krakow – IndexMedica organises trips to Krakow for every budget!

Every new patient can count on a special consultation package as well. It includes:

●  consultation,
●  OPG and small X-rays,
●  written treatment plan,
●  pick up from the airport
●  and a Welcome Pack.

All free of charge!

Additionally, you get 1 FREE overnight stay in our own, highly comfortable 4* INX Design Hotel located in the city centre.


In opposition to what many people think, dental travel to Poland is very convenient. The flight takes only about two hours and you are picked up from the airport by one of our drivers. If you are staying for one or several nights, you have a choice of very comfortable and affordable private apartments or elegant Krakow hotels. Your Personal Assistant will be glad to make all of the necessary arrangements for you.

Quality service

At IndexMedica cheaper does not mean of lower quality! We use state-of-the-art equipment and modern dentistry solutions, such as:

●  Beyond® teeth whitening system,
●  Osstem/MiS dental implants
●  or ‘The Wand’ - computer controlled,
●  completely painless local anaesthesia system.

Moreover, the procedures are conducted by experienced, highly qualified specialists in their respective fields, which guarantees they are safe and the results are always very satisfactory.

Touristic attractions

Your visit to Poland does not have to solely focus on having your teeth fixed. Krakow offers you a variety of possibilities to spend your time. Starting from guided tour of the city or nearby locations (such as amazing Wieliczka Salt Mine), through a short walk to the Old Market Square, visiting small cafes, or a shopping spree in one of the huge malls offering very attractive prices. Turn the treatment into a fantastic dental holidays you deserve!