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A beautiful smile is within your reach, thanks to the potential of dental tourism in Poland. Combine your holidays with a visit at the dentist’s abroad and undergo one of many modern dentistry treatments in professional Indexmedica clinic in Krakow. As a result of extremely attractive prices and through implementing innovative but proven solutions, raising our specialists’ qualifications, preparing individual plans as well as using exclusively the best equipment, our team aims at achieving patients’ satisfaction with every procedure conducted.

Our clinic has developed internal quality policies which guarantee that your dental travel to Poland will be even more satisfactory than you expected. Each procedure is preceded by a careful, detailed analysis of your needs and health state, conducted by assigned to you personal dentist. Then, a treatment plan is prepared and several options are suggested, from which you choose the one fulfilling your expectations the best.

From safe and effective teeth whitening, through traditional prosthetics, up to surgeries and newest implants, patients visiting Indexmedica can count on comprehensive help from one of the best specialists in their respective fields.