To save you time and travel costs related with flying to Krakow just for an initial consultation, we have arranged a convenient solution for you. We are cooperating with an UK dental practice in Leeds, where the local dentist will be more than happy to see you. A check up will be done (£45, to be paid in advance) together with a chat regarding your expectations and possible treatments in Krakow. Dentist will make a few digital pictures of your wide smile as well as a panoramic X-ray (£45).

If the complexity of your case requires further examination and more X-rays about a particular area or areas, further X-rays (small X-rays) may be recommended by your dentist. The fee for each small X-ray is £12. 

After your visit all records will be sent to our dental team in Krakow. Based on that initial consultation they will prepare detailed treatment plan together with the cost estimation and time schedule.

Consultation is FREE if you start your treatment within 4 weeks of drawing the treatment plan. £45 fee is refundable after treatment.


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