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Individual care and treatment planDental treatments

The best quality dental treatment at our clinic in Poland is ensured by assigning a personal dentist to each patient. An individual plan is then prepared on the basis of a thorough examination as well as professional consults with specialists in their fields. Their aim is to achieve the most satisfactory aesthetic result with regard to the expectations of the patients and their health. To provide the best services we also suggest several options, which differ in terms of the aesthetic effect, length and costs of the procedure abroad. The decision is afterwards left to the patient, who selects the optimum solution from their point of view.

Upon finishing the procedure we can send the crucial medical information to your specialist in the UK.

Team of specialists

Our most important priority is the health of our patients, that is why individual stages of dental treatment in Poland are carried out by specialists in a given field of dentistry and under supervision of the personal dentist. We always offer the most modern techniques and materials. Our team is a group of specialists in given fields of dentistry who continuously perfect their skills and attend specialist training.

Standardization of procedures

Additionally, we introduced the standardization of therapy procedures within the given specialty. What does it mean for our patients? It means that, regardless of the fact which endodontist will carry out the procedure, always the newest techniques and the best materials will be used. Thanks to such organization of work our patients can be sure that they always receive the highest level of medical care and services abroad.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern dental treatment abroad includes a wide range of procedures focusing on the aesthetics of your smile. Effectively remove discolouration with safe teeth whitening methods, replace your fillings with composite solutions, get titanium dental implants or undergo other cosmetic dentistry procedures.


Dental implants in Poland

These small screws fixed in the jaw bone revolutionised modern dentistry. They are made of titanium, which is tolerated well by the body and, thanks to its characteristic feature known as osseointegration (growing into the bone), they form very durable connection, vastly improving the comfort of life of people who lost their teeth.


Canal root treatment

Endodontic procedure is one of the most difficult ones in dentistry, requiring high skills and knowledge. Polish Indexmedica Clinic uses advanced optic devices (e.g. microscope for microsurgical procedures), as well as modern electronic equipment to ensure maximum comfort, safety and the best results of every procedure.



The whole dental treatment in Poland is as comfortable as possible as a result of using the newest, safe drugs and innovative Computer Controlled Local Anaesthesia Delivery System called ‘The WAND’. For some patients conscious sedation is recommended, which allows them to enter a deep relaxation state.



The basis of successful dental treatment constitute precise and reliable diagnostics. At Indexmedica Clinic we have access to advanced X-ray machines (RVG, panoramic and cephalometric), CT scan (Computer Tomography), intraoral camera and other equipment, allowing to effectively diagnose the patient and suggest the best procedures.



Regular check-ups and prophylactic procedures allow to keep the health of your teeth and oral cavity under constant control. Removing plaque and calculus, sandblasting, fluoridation keep your smile safe and beautiful. Moreover, thanks to automatic reminders, you will never again forget about your planned visit at the dentist’s.