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Affordable and excellentDental implants

Modern dentistry offers several solutions to the problem of missing teeth, such as different kinds of dentures or, still the most popular, porcelain bridges. However, the most advanced solution, recommended by professionals, are dental implants. It is true, that they are more expensive, but the results are much more satisfying while the costs can be minimized by getting an affordable treatment in a clinic abroad.

Treatment time 

The whole treatment consists of several steps which allow our clinic to qualify you for the procedure, prepare a detailed, individual plan and conduct the procedure in the most effective way.

STEP 1 – diagnostics and placing of implants

Index Medica UK's patients can choose to visit one of the practices in the UK – London or Wakefield – or travel to Krakow to get a free consultation. If you have already visited the dentist, you can also send us online the panoramic X-ray along with current treatment plan and we will prepare an individual schedule within 3 working days after receiving the documentation.

Next you get your quality dental implants fixed in your jaw bone. Depending on the extensiveness of the procedure and the level of its complication, it takes around 3-4 days. During this step of treatment in Poland you get a special ‘Welcome pack’ and you can stay in affordable private apartments or one of the hotels we recommend. New patients also get free 1 overnight stay at 4* INX Design Hotel!

Remember, that all of the details, such as flights, transfers and accommodation in Poland, can be arranged by your dedicated Personal Assistant.

For the following 3 to 6 months the titanium screws have to grow into the jaw bone. If the front teeth are replaced, you will get special temporary appliance to cover the gap.

STEP 2 – healing & osseointegration

During your next visit in the clinic in Krakow the dentist prepares the surface for the new tooth or teeth and provides you with healing abutments. All of the necessary impressions are taken as well, which will allow to prepare appropriate abutment – a special post which gives proper support to the crown. It takes around half an hour to conduct all of the work.

If no bone grafting is needed, first and second stage can be performed in one stay!

STEP 3 – final restoration with affordable crowns/bridges/dentures on dental implants in Poland

After another three weeks we invite you for a final visit (5-6 working days) or visits (2 x 2 working days) in Krakow clinic. During that time the crowns are fitted and you can enjoy your new, beautiful smile!


We recommend a visit at our dentist’s at least once a year (which is necessary as well to claim your guarantee). Every smaller correction and adjustment of the affordable dental implants can be conducted at Wakefield Practice, while major repairs need to be done abroad – in Poland. You can also always contact your Personal Assistant to get information and answers to any questions concerning our services or guarantees.

Prices of implants

One of the main reasons why people decide to choose our clinic are the prices. The cost is £649, which is around £500 less than in the UK! Cost of the full system, including the titanium screw, abutment, healing ring and crown starts from £1245, allowing you to save around £1100!

Sample costs estimation for 2 implants

Step 1: Approx. £1378 - £1428

  • 1 x CBCT or CT scan = £60 - £110/per arch
  • 2 x £659 (for two high quality titanium implants) = £1318.

Step 2: £170

  • 2 x £85 (for healing abutments) = £170

Step 3: £1300

  • 2 x £295 (for titanium abutments) = £590
  • 2 x 355 (for porcelain crown on metal on implant) = £710

Total estimate: £2848 - £2898
Costs of stitches as well as bone grafting/sinus-lift (if needed) might be added to the total sum as well.

The only additional costs you have to take into account during dental implants treatment abroad are flights (return tickets start from £80 - depending on the date of booking, flight etc.) and accommodation (from £30-£40 per room per night, depending on the standard – remember about our current special offer for free stay at one of our 4* Design Hotel). Many people combine the treatment with holidays and visit nearby locations.

Contact your Personal Assistant to make all of the necessary arrangements hassle-free.