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Work schedule

Please find below our treatment plan options, including time required and prices. Different patients have different problems and the condition of their teeth will determine the total price and time period. This table presents briefly how much you need to spend and how long it will take to get one procedure done at our clinic in Krakow. If you are searching for implant, bridge, crown, veneer, sinus lift, bone regeneration or just filling and whitening we are here to help you. For more details please do not hesitate to contact our UK Personal Assistant here.

Procedure Time required Price
Implants  3-4 days £659
Sinus lift  5-7 days from £335
Framework denture  5 days £749
Acrylic denture 5 days £499
Bridges  5-7 days from £945
Crowns  4-5 days £315
Root canal treatment  1 day from £105
Tooth-whitening  1 hour £270

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