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Aesthetic white composite fillings

●  The newest aesthetic materials
●  Composite materials which are not visible even in ultraviolet rays
●  Immediate effect
●  Biological treatment of reversible dental pulp inflammations

Aesthetic fillings

To meet our patients' expectations when it comes to the aesthetics of fillings, we use only the best and the newest composite materials and connecting systems. Generally, we use the materials made by three companies: 3M-ESPE (USA-Germany), GC (Japan) and Kuraray (Japan). If you have a filling done in our clinic, you are sure that this will meet all the requirements of functionality and aesthetics. We pay attention to such "details" like visibility of the fillings in ultraviolet rays. If our patients goes a disco or a club, where you can usually find ultraviolet lightning, you can be sure that no-one will notice your fillings, because they are made of materials which perfectly imitate the natural dentin (natural teeth shine yellow-green whereas ordinary fillings are black).

Completed in a short time 

An indubitable advantage of the direct tooth reconstruction methods is the short time needed for their completion. In case of emergencies, like a tooth breaking or tooth chipping before an important event, we are able to help our patients immediately, without a booked appointment. Such filling will be a perfect solution in a limited time period but, it will be sufficient to plan and carry out the final reconstruction.

Remineralization in teeth treatment

According to the newest standards of conservative treatment, our patients can always be sure, that we do our very best, even in case of big defects, to keep the tooth vital and not to carry out the root canal treatment. The so called biological treatment of reversible dental pulp inflammations (that means the nerve inside the tooth) is carried out with special therapeutic filling materials. After being placed, such filling emits a very high concentration of fluorine-calcium and hydroxide-ions. Thanks to this remineralization and healing of tooth tissues take place. Only if this method fails, the tooth is qualified to root canal treatment.