City krakow

It is one of the most beautiful metropolises in Eastern Europe, it is enrolled on the list of UNESCO - Cultural World Heritage and it is over 1000 years. Poland is very proud of Krakow, its rich culture and residents. It was chosen the European City of Culture 2000. It has the second oldest University in Europe  - Jagiellonian University  - founded in 1364. It is the city of science; there are 100,000 students in all higher education schools; among them there are people from Western Europe and USA and many other countries. For example at Collegium Medicum University there are future dentists, pharmacists, doctors of different specialisations. There is large proportion of well-educated people becoming staff of many Western corporations such as Deutsche Bank, Hypovereinbank and Motorola. Krakow is a good investment for Germans whose grand company ECE Project management (trade centre in Lipsk as well) together with other firm TismannSpeyer Properties from USA is building a huge district of shops, hotels, offices.  It was also a place where Steven Spielberg produced his film.

If you are looking to plan your own stay in Krakow, visit our partner website Krakow, Cracow - call it what you will - a big welcome to travel guide to Poland's "cultural capital"! Cracow Life brings you a general guide section of information, the latest news, as well as tips, suggestions about travel and money, a city centre map, guide and introduction to culture to get you started, as well as a comprehensive low-down of the very best restaurants, hotels and apartments, pubs, nightclubs and cafes, shops and places to have fun in the city.

You cannot be bored here because there is so much to see and do - concerts, festivals and other cultural events. It is not only famous for rich architecture (Old City, Jewish area, Wawel castle) but many others. There are 500 restaurants and pubs, clubs, art. Galleries where you will get a fabulous reception. We also have nature reserves ' Cracovian-Czestochovian Jura'  where you can see Medieval castles. You may also take part in canoeing race on the Dunajec River and visit the mountains in Zakopane. If you were interested in mines and caves we would recommend going to Salt Mine Wieliczka near Krakow. It has been open since medieval times open without any intervals. All those attractions are well within your payments abilities.